EU Litigation

“We regularly appear before the EU Courts in all types of matters, whether in competition law or in other areas of EU law.”

We also assist all various categories of litigants, whether applicants, defendant institutions, or interveners.

Over time, we have developed tailored litigation strategies to further our clients’ interests, using all procedural rules available (coordinated interventions, requests for interim measures, MOPs, formal waivers of submissions where appropriate, etc.).

Our ability to work equally efficiently in English and in French is a strong asset before the EU Courts, where French to date remains the only working language. This helps us reduce the overall duration of proceedings while at the same time offer our clients the maximum level of control over the substance of their procedural acts.

Finally, thanks to our independence, we are able to adapt our fee structure to the specificities of EU litigation, tailoring our hourly rates to the EU case law on recoverable costs, proposing ex ante indicative budgets, fee caps, etc.

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